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Bank Notes

We buy and sell over 100 different currencies in cash. Don't wait for the bank to order your foreign currencies before your trip abroad. Come to us for same day pick up or 1 to 3 business days, if we do not have the particular currency in stock. We accept cash and debit as payment methods for cash transactions. Our rates are updated regularly on our website according to market fluctuations.

For large amount transactions (more than 3,000 CAD) in major currencies, we offer non-cash exchange services with progressively better rates, depending on the amount exchanged. Our non-cash exchange services include wire transfers, PAD, bank drafts and cheques. For a live-market quote, give us a call now at 604-923-8000.

International Wire Transfers in Multiple Currencies

The easiest, fastest, and most trusted way to transfer money globally. We offer wire transfer services in most major currencies. Average processing time is only around 1 to 3 business days. For currency exchange between USD and CAD only, please check PAD & EFT service.

MoneyWay Outgoing wire transfer fee is $25
MoneyWay Incoming wire transfer fee is $15

List of wire transfer currencies:
USD (US Dollar)
EUR (European Euro)
GBP (British Pound)
AUD (Australian Dollar)
JPY (Japanese Yen)
CHF (Swiss Francs)
RUB (Russian Ruble)
SEK (Swedish Krona)
CZK (Czech Koruna)
PLN (Polish Zloty)


Only applicable to Canadian bank accounts in USD or CAD

PAD and EFT are fast and convenient ways for us to receive and settle payments with you without the need of wire transfers and bank drafts. You can save money through PAD and EFT transactions by skipping wire transfer or bank draft fees. It also gives you the freedoms to trade anywhere in the world with one simple phone call.

For example, if you are looking to transfer some British Pound to your bank account in England while on vacation, we can PAD your Canadian account for the amount you would like to transfer and exchange it into British pound and wire transfer it to Europe, all within 3 business days.

Bank Draft & Cheque (USD & CAD only)

For large amount transactions, we offer USD and CAD bank drafts and cheques at progressively better exchange rates, depending on the amount exchanged. For a live-market quote, give us a call now at 604-923-8000.

Gold and Silver

Check Our Latest Rates
We buy and sell all major bars and coins in silver and gold with the most up-to-date market prices. Our Maple Leaf gold & silver coins can also come with display cases that are perfect for wedding gifts and other important commemorative events.

Forward Contracts

A fixed forward contract gives you the ability to lock in an exchange rate for a specified amount on a specific date in the future. An open forward contract allows you to drawdown at any time for any amount between two set dates up to 90 days apart. This provides more flexibility, however the exchange rate may be slightly unfavorable compared to the fixed rate forward.

Personal Services

MoneyWay is the most favorable go-to Currency Exchange House in Vancouver. Our personal staff is always available to serve you. Our service, availability, great exchange rates and quick delivery makes us the leading exchange house in Vancouver.

Save time and money, just give MoneyWay a call to see which currencies we have in stock and if we have to order exotic currencies, they usually arrive within 48-72 hours.
MoneyWay is recognized as having the expertise in handling asset transfers to and from Canada and working closely with immigration consultants in arranging a smooth transition. Our Corporate Trading Team provides personalized services that ensure our clients' needs are met throughout the process.
As a private client, your international money transfers are handled in the utmost confidential and secure manner. Our Corporate Trading Team will closely monitor payments every step of the way to its destination.

Our professionally trained traders closely monitor the ever-changing foreign exchange market while consulting with clients or agents to offer them insight on economic news, market trends and ideal exchange opportunities.
MoneyWay can assist international students in making fund transfers as smooth as possible by one of two ways:

In store exchange
stop by our branch, which is conveniently located in Park Royal South in West Vancouver. We are close to many major bus routes to North and West Vancouver, as well as Downtown Vancouver. For maps and location, visit our Contact Us page.

Set up an account
Once an account has been opened, family members can wire funds directly to one of MoneyWay's numerous currency accounts where the funds can be converted to Canadian dollars as soon as they arrive.

Utilize our global wire payment services to pay for tuition and transfer funds for living expenses. Say no to long wait times on the phone and complicated forms; transferring money overseas has never been easier and more convenient. Enjoy your time abroad and let Moneyway take care of all your currency exchange needs.
Do you receive employment income other than Canadian Dollars? If so, then perhaps having an account with MoneyWay can be beneficial to you. Most financial institutions convert incoming wires at the worst rate possible, and in some cases if the client doesn't have a foreign currency account, the funds are automatically converted without any discussion.

The client has to live with what the bank quoted them. By having an account with MoneyWay, you can convert your funds when they arrive at better rates and in a timely fashion; it's almost like giving yourself a raise.

Business Services

MoneyWay operates from a global perspective and provides in-depth market expertise to bring you up-to-date currency risk management solutions. Our corporate clients include financial institutions, local businesses and importers and exporters.

Volatile currency markets and fluctuating exchange rates can negatively impact your business. Let MoneyWay boost your bottom line by helping you exploit hedging strategies involving financial instruments such as forward contracts to minimize your foreign exchange risks.

Building on your unique business requirements, our exceptionally experienced Corporate Trading Team will offer you solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your business needs.

By setting up a corporate account with MoneyWay you can ensure that your business is provided with the most consistent and competitive exchange rates while receiving the highest standard of service.
MoneyWay is in the business of making international payments as reliable and convenient as domestic payments. Our competitive exchange rates and prompt services give you a peace of mind with the knowledge that profit margins are protected using the most cost-effective and efficient foreign exchange services and strategies.

As a MoneyWay client, revenues can be converted as needed or exchanged using our hedging services to retain as much value as possible. The Canadian value of upcoming foreign currency invoices or other payables can be locked in using forward contracts.

Auto Importers & Exporters
As auto prices fluctuate on both sides of the border, or demand from overseas increases; the currency price swing can make or break a profitable transaction. If you are a Canadian car dealership or simply importing a vehicle into Canada, contact our Corporate Trading Team to find out how we can assist you with foreign wire payments and receipts.
MoneyWay has the most competitive exchange rates, better than the banks, thereby saving your client money and if they need to wire funds, our fees are lower and we can usually send the funds in 1-3 business days. Most financial institutions take 3-5 business days. Simply contact one of our Corporate Trading team members to receive further details.
We are the most trusted choice for companies in the travel and hospitality industry in Vancouver. MoneyWay can supply bank notes to travel agencies and their clients for major and exotic currencies. Thereby avoiding lineups at airports or exchanging on board cruise ships where the rates can be very expensive.

MoneyWay can provide a daily rate sheet and market update to the Hospitality and Travel businesses. Our Corporate Trading Team is always available in regards to market movements and potential currency trends.
We are the go-to choice for Post-Secondary Institutions and International students. Help your students save money by contacting a member of our corporate trading team. We will provide more detailed information and even on-site presentations to help you and your students navigate the world of currency exchange and money transfer.

Let us tailor our services to the needs of your organization and make it as convenient as is possible for your students and staff members.

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