Gold & Silver

Rates updated on 01/11/2018 at 11:16:48 PST
Item MoneyWay Buys at MoneyWay Sells at
1 oz Gold Bar 1596 1663
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 1604 1684
1/2 oz Gold Maple Leaf 802 886
1/4 oz Gold Maple Leaf 403 455
1 oz Silver Maple Leaf 18.88 22.28
10 oz Silver Bar 183 223

Above Precious Metal prices are for indication only and may be updated throughout the day according to market volatility.

We buy and sell all major bars and coins in silver and gold with the most up-to-date market prices. Our Maple Leaf gold & silver coins are a great choice if you are considering a unique gift for your significant other or to show your appreciation for a friendship.

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